NOSM Elective students will reside in the NOSM condominium unit next to the hospital during their time in Kenora.

This condo building is centrally located and within walking distance of the hospital, Paterson Medical Centre, Woodlands Clinic, and Surgeon’s office; the condo is a fifteen minute walk to the Docside and WNHAC clinics, and approx. 10 minute drive to the Keewatin Clinic. Residents and Elective students residing there in summer/fall months will have the optional use of our NOSM owned bicycles and kayaks. This unit is on the water, and one block from the beautiful Old St. Joseph’s Park, which is the site for many weddings in Kenora, and the hospital’s annual Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

NOSM Clerks will be responsible for finding and arranging their own accommodations during their third year Clerkship in Kenora. Heidi Stepanik, Site Academic Coordinator for NOSM, maintains a list of many rentals in the Kenora area, including centrally located and rural properties to waterfront condos owned by those in the medical community and summer residents, which are available to rent fully furnished during the school year (September through April). Clerks will also have access to the use of our NOSM owned bicycles and kayaks during their placement here.