Clinics / Hospitals

Clinics / Hospitals


The Paterson Medical Centre

Dr. Kerry Anderson: Family practice locum, LEG Recruitment Committee

Dr. Jim Beveridge: Family practice, chemotherapy, hospital inpatient care.

Dr. Brian Bowerman: Family practice, Birchwood Terrace Nursing Home, emergency, hospital inpatient care.

Dr. Rhonda Diamond: Family practice, obstetrics, hospital inpatient care, LEG Research Committee, LEG acting Vice President 2015/16

Dr. Clay Hammett: Family practice, Sioux Narrows visits, anaesthesia, inpatient care.

Dr. John Hammett: Coroner, family practice

Dr. Peter Harland: Sabaskong visits;

Dr. Mel Kowal: Coming soon to our clinic!

Dr. Brad Kyle: Family practice, obstetrics, ER Medicine, hospital inpatient care, President of Medical Staff, LEG Education Committee, LEG acting President 2015/16

Dr. David Kyle: Family practice, obstetrics, emergency medicine, hospital inpatient care, Kenora Medical Centre Executive Committee, LEG Recruitment Committee, LEG acting Secretary 2015/16

Dr. Laura Noack: Family practice, obstetrics and gynecology, ER Medicine, hospital inpatient care, Kenora Medical Centre Executive Committee, LEG Recruitment Committee

Dr. Rowena Lass: Family practice, Sexual Health Clinic (NWHU), coroner, Sioux Narrows visits.

Dr. Jillie Retson: Family practice, emergency medicine, sexual health clinic, Kenora Medical Centre Executive, hospital inpatient care, Hospital IT Committee, LEG Recruitment Committee, Head of Hospital Family Medicine Committee

Dr. Michelle Thomas: Family practice, Whitedog reserve visits, Medical Director Pinecrest Home for the Aged, LEG Research Committee, LEG acting President 2014/2015

Dr. Buzz Pedersen: Family practice, Whitefish Bay visits, obstetrics, hospital inpatient care, Family Health Team Lead Physician, LEG Research Committee

Dr. John Vaudry: Family practice, Grassy Narrows visits, anaesthesia, hospital inpatient care, LEG Research Committee

Dr. Jennifer Wesley: Coming soon to our clinic!

Dr. Murray Workman: Family practice, anaesthesia, hospital inpatient care, LEG Research Committee



Lower level PMC- 468-5410, Operating Room- 468-9861 ext. 2224

Dr. Jack Spielman: General Surgeon, orthopedic procedures

Dr. Susan Ghazali: General Surgeon, thyroidectomy

Dr. Hristo Hristov: General Surgeon, breast surgery


The Keewatin Medical Clinic

Office: 547-2818

Dr. Tim Wehner: Family practice, obstetrics, C-Sections, emergency medicine, stress tests, hospital inpatients, Neonatal Committee, LEG Faculty Development Committee

Dr. Joel Kroeker: Family practice, colonoscopies, stress tests, EKG reading, LEG Recruitment Committee, hospital inpatients

Dr. Shannon Wiebe: Family practice, obstetrics, emergency medicine, hospital inpatients, NOSM Site Liaison Clinician, LEGg Program Development Committee

Lakeside Clinic

Office: 468- 3600

Dr. Bruce Daly: Family practice, anaesthesia, obstetrics, hospital inpatient care

Dr. Steph Foidart: Family practice, anaesthesia, emergency medicine, colonoscopies, hospital inpatient care LEG Recruitment Committee, LEG Finance Chair 2015/16

Hospital and Community Based Physicians

Dr. Laurel Snyder: (CFPC-EM) Emergency Medicine, Waasegiizhig Nanaandawe’Iyewigamig Health Access Centre, medical education, PBSL Lead, Site Liaison Clinician NOSM

Dr. Dan Walters: (ED, Dipl. Sports Med) Sports Medicine Clinics, Dept. Head- Emergency Dept (on leave July 2015 – July 2016 teaching in Rwanda Medical School)

Dr. Dana Walters: (Nephrologist) Nephrology Clinic, Dialysis Unit, multi-disiplinary medical clinic (only leave July 2015-July 2016 teaching in Rwanda Medical School)

Dr. Kerry MacDonald: Pathology/Forensics, LWDH Chief of Staff 807-468-9861 x 2480

Dr. Kelly MacDonald: Pathology & Lab Medicine

Dr. Sandra Sas: (FP) Methadone clinic, Jail physician, Chemotherapy, Waasegiizhig Nanaandawe’Iyewigamig Health Access Centre,

Dr. Usama Zahlan: (Psychiatrist) – regional services, LWDH and ACT Team 468-9861 ext. 2262

Dr. Sherry Reed-Walkiewicz: FP, Psychiatry sub-specialty 807-468-9861 x 2262, LEG Executive and Finance Committee Chair

Sunset Country Family Health Team

Randy Belair: Executive Director

June Dearborn: Pharmacist

Kate Wilson: Dietitian

Colleen Snyder, Carolyn Hamlyn & Tanis Olson: Registered Nurse Program Coordinators

Andrea Martin: Chiropodist

Kristen Patrick & Carol Wilson: Nurse Practitioners

Peggy Gustafson: Registered Nurse- Diabetes Management Program (DMP)

Cindy Van Belleghem: Registered Dietician; Diabetes Management Program (DMP)

Tannis Romaniuk: Program Assistant

Melonie Young: Quality Improvement Decision Support Specialist

Amber Griffiths and Chelsea Sharples: Administrative Assistants

Kati Heinrichs: Social Worker

Kenora Midwives

Kelly Graff: Midwife

Bekkie Vineberg: Midwife

Sharren Struk: Administration

Hospital Allied Health Professional Contacts

Rehabilitation Dept.

Brock Chisholm: Manager of Rehab Department – ext. 2290 or 2214

Jackie Hummelbrunner: Speech Language Pathology

Shawna Caron & Kendra Dobinson: Occupational Therapy

Kathi Delorme: In-patient Physiotherapy

Erin Mudry & Caroline Balcaen: Out Patient Physiotherapy

Brent Dionne & Laurie Laffin: Respiratory Therapy


Tanya Laewetz ext. 2431 and Lori Romas ext. 2534: Registered Dieticians

Northwestern Health Unit – Kenora location

Dr. Kit Young Hoon: Community Health NWO Medical Officer of Health, LEG Research Committee


Waasegiizhig Nanaandawe’Iyewigamig Health Access Centre- Outreach Office

Office: 467-8770

Dr. Laurel Snyder: Consultant physician

Barb Pernsky, Jennifer Roberts, Tracy Bennett: Nurse Practitioners

Nicole Bowern: Registered Dietician
Patric Lehnhoff: Registered Nurse, Diabetes Education

Lorraine Johnson, Nikkol Medicine – RPN, Foot Care, Diabetes Education

April Priesentanz, Cynthia Price – RPN, Wound Care, Phlebotomy, Immunizations

Visiting Specialists

Dr. Lorne Hurst – Dermatology
Dr. Fast – Neurology
Dr. Puskas – Orthopedics – knees
Dr. Aubrey – Rheumatology
Dr. McGregor – Urology
Dr. Garces – Radiology
Dr. Van der Zweep & Dr. Gillespie – Opthalmology